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DIY Beauty | Lemon + Thyme Toner for Blemished Skin

DIY Beauty | Lemon + Thyme Toner for Blemished Skin

Apparently, Thyme is all the rage these days when it comes to green beauty, + not without good reason! Thyme is mother nature’s alternative to the infamous acne treatment – benzoyl peroxide, + in fact – it has even been found to be more effective according to some studies! So, check it out if you’re on the hunt for a natural alternative to prescription acne treatments!

Buy This, Not That! | Natural Insect Repellants

Buy This Not That Natural Organic DEETfree Insect Repellants

Buy this, not that features nature’s knockoff’s + affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to products we use everyday! A must-read for anyone who wants to replace their toxic, hormone disrupting + petrochemical-filled insect repellants – with a much cleaner option, that’s better for their families + better for the planet!

2014 Suntan Oil Guide | Natural + Organic Tanning Oils

Safer Suntan Oils Natural + Organic Tanning Oil

Hey there, Sunshine! So, since I know most of us will tan anyway, I figured I’d create a list of the best bets for avoiding the fake + fruity, petrochemical crap. These days, there’s no denying that there’s just as much of a sunscreen craze, as there is a tanning trend! Find out about the benefits of getting some sun, why you don’t need sunscreen all the time + snag a list of the best natural + organic tanning products on the market!

REVIEW | Thesis Beauty West Indies Poppy Seed Facial Scrub

Thesis Beauty West Indies Poppy Seed Facial Scrub REVIEW

The most natural way to exfoliate your skin without using plastic beads, detergents, toxic chemicals, aggressive acids or abrasive particles (like salt or sugar). Based on all-natural clays + edible ingredients, this scrub effectively removes buildup of expired skin cells, purifies pores + massages your skin – preventing breakouts + prepping it to absorb essential nutrients from your moisturizer or mask. Treat your skin to a truly natural, spa-like facial experience!

Natural Beauty Buys | Abe’s Market

Abes Market Beauty Buys

See some of my most recent natural beauty buys from Abe’s Market! Featuring Astrida Naturals Chamomile + White Willow Bark Clay Face Mask Concentrate, Wild Honey Apothecary Honey Love Face Scrub, Tierra Mia Organics Shaving Soap for Women, + Pretty Organic Cosmetics Cocoa Bliss Bath Fizz! Have you ever tried any of these?

DIY Beauty | Organic Coconut + Mint Deep Conditioner

DIY Beauty | Organic Coconut + Mint Deep Conditioner

Ever tried a Coconut Oil Hair Mask? Gurrrl, what are you waiting for?!? If you’re looking for something calm, cool + collected for your dry, frizzy hair, this is a must try, DIY! Organic Coconut Oil will hook you up with soft, silky locks, while Organic Peppermint Essential Oil helps soothe your scalp. Featuring Dr. Bronner’s + Aura Cacia.

2014 Safe Sunscreen Guide | Top 20 Natural + Organic Brands to Try

Safer Sunscreen Recommendations for 2014 Guide Natural Organic Sunblock Guide FEATURED IMAGE 2

If you’re wondering what the hell to buy when it comes to a safer sunscreen for you + your family, you’re not alone! Each year, more + more natural sunscreens are hitting store shelves, giving us better + better options! But… this can make it all the more confusing! Luckily, I’ve complied a list of the top 20 natural + organic sunscreens brands for you to try!

Pretty Informed | How to Choose + Use Safer Sunscreens

how to choose + use natural organic safe sunscreens

Shopping for safer sunscreens can be really overwhelming! Too much sun causes major damage, but not enough, can cause Vitamin D deficiency!?! So… what do we do since both can result in The Big C? And, reading labels are a whole other story. Find what to look for, see if you’re using your sunscreen correctly + get a glimpse at how I personally handle the sitch.

Green Glam On-the-Go! | 9 Pretty Purse Essentials

Green Glam On The Go Green Beauty Pretty Purse Essentials

Wanna know what’s in my bag? Here are some of my absolute, must-have, green beauty essentials that I never leave home without! Fab, grab-on-the-go products from cult fave, green beauty brands like Dr. Bronners, EO, Waxlene, W3LL People, Zuzu Luxe, Tatcha, Vapour Organic Beauty, Boiron + Pacifica!